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Featured This Week at Round Rock Gardens Plant of the Week October 14th!  Mexican Heather   $2 off all 1 gallons Gardening with Bees  October 14th Join Two Hives Honey to learn how to ensure your yard is a sanctuary for our native and honey bees! Learn more about the bees most common to our area, and what seasonal steps you …

Sunny Citrus

GROWING CITRUS IN CONTAINERS   Try your hand at growing citrus in containers. We’re sure you’ll find it fun and rewarding… and of course, you’ll definitely enjoy the fruits of your labor when those tasty fruits are ready to be eaten! The fragrance of the citrus flowers can fill a room and the bright colors of the fruit and the …

Herbs Anyone Can Grow

Why purchase herbs from the grocery store when you can grow your own at home? For a convenient oomph of flavor whenever your meal needs a boost, plant herbs in your own garden or containers. Home-grown herbs are less expensive and fresher than their store-bought counterparts while being surprisingly easy to grow and maintain. Study the following list for seasoning …

Do It Yourself Composting

Composting is an affordable, environmentally-friendly way to encourage the growth of your garden and help your soil retain water. It prevents garden diseases and pests while encouraging the production of helpful bacteria and fungi, which nourish plants naturally as well.         Composting food scraps and yard waste not only saves you money on garden products, it keeps this waste out of …


Actinovate An organic fungicide Actinovate is a biological fungicide that fights lawn and garden fungal-related diseases. Particularly effective for brown patch, dollar spot, root rot and leaf mildews cialis 5mg australia. The active ingredient in Actinovate is a bacterium that, when applied, grows around the root system (when soil drenched) and foliage of the plant (when sprayed on). It may be used on all vegetables, …


YOUR LAWN WILL LOVE IT! Medina Hasta Gro Lawn (12-4-8 Liquid Lawn Food) Liquid nutrients are taken up directly through the leaves for more efficient fertilizer absorption. East to apply with your garden hose. Contains humates, chelated trace elements and Medina Soil Activator to stimulate natural soil organisms and plant growth.  

Microlife 6-2-4 Organic Fertilizer

A superior, long lasting, all organic, biological fertilizer that promotes sound plant and soil health. Granulated, homogenized with 2% Fe, 70 trace minerals, enzymes and beneficial microorganisms, including Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizal. All purpose, it can be used on lawns and flower beds. Granulated, homogenized with iron and trace minerals, enzymes and beneficial microorganisms.  

Mulch Calculator

Need help figuring out how much mulch to use? Try out this handy Mulch Calculator.

Quick Tip – Planting a Tree

We just came across the helpful article from the Dirt Doctor on the proper way to plant a tree. We thought it might come in handy on that next planting project! Click here for more information >