Gifting for a Gardener

Christmas is the perfect time to gift gardening essentials to that person in your life who wants to start a garden. What do you get someone who wants to start a garden in December? A lot of veggies are sure to freeze if they get planted in the ground now. We have a gift for everyone at Round Rock Gardens.

The perfect present for someone with a goal of starting a garden would be tools to get started; a shovel, some markers, statuary, garden flags, and pottery. These items don’t have an expiration date and they can be stored away until spring or used immediately with hardy winter vegetables.

Garden tools are always useful to a beginning gardener. Gloves to keep their hands clean, especially if they’re not used to the earthworms yet. Shovels and picks to get through the earth to make their gardening experience easy and relaxing. Along with the garden tools, gift your future gardener some seeds they can plant in the spring. Lettuce, carrots, radishes, and broccoli are great springtime planters. If you’re looking for veggies that won’t freeze in the winter so they can plant them after Christmas, give them onions, garlic, or peas.

Plant markers are very helpful for a beginner gardener to know what plants are planted where. Statuary can be the encouragement to get a garden started. If the person receiving your gift decides they don’t want to start a garden anymore, it can still be placed in their front yard or by the front door of their home. Statuary is a great way to put a smile on someone’s face.

Maybe the person you’re looking to give a gift to doesn’t like gardening outdoors, but they love plants. A dish garden makes a great gift, especially if the gift receiver lives in an apartment or works at an office. Round Rock Garden Center has tons of pottery to choose from when you create your own dish garden. From small to big pots and tropical plants to annuals and perennials. We know you can create a beautiful dish garden for your friend or family member.

If you’d like some guidance on how to make the perfect dish garden, come to Round Rock Garden Canter’s Dish Garden Class this Saturday at 10 a.m. We will give you all the materials you’ll need to make a perfect gift.

Christmas is the perfect time to give the gift of gardening. This year, gift some essential gardening tools to your friends or family. Join us this Saturday at 10 a.m. to create your dish garden and you can give that to a friend or keep it for yourself! To RSVP go to Round Rock Garden Center’s Facebook page and click the ticket link under the Make and Take Dish Garden Class event, or go to the Ticketleap website and search Round Rock Garden Center and register for the class there.

Have any questions about the perfect gardening gift or classes at the garden center? Give us a call or stop by during our hours of operation for help from one of our garden experts.

The Christmas Cactus

When a trend meets Christmas time, you have the perfect gift. This year, Christmas Cactus are flying off the shelf faster than poinsettias. They come in different colors; red, pink, and white. Here are some of the reasons people are loving the Schlumbergera, a.k.a the Christmas Cactus, which was given its name because it blooms from December to January.

If you have a millennial in your life, you’ve probably noticed how much they love succulents and other cacti. Maybe even houseplants in general. The houseplant trend has taken over social media as well as 18-34-year-old’s bedrooms. Why did millennials become so obsessed with houseplants? Well, would you believe me if I told you it had to do with the economy and the housing market? Young adults aren’t moving into houses with yards. They prefer an apartment or a condo in the city. When living in the city or being crammed in a tiny apartment, having plants on a desk or on the kitchen table makes the environment more livable.

There’s a variety of houseplants that purify indoor air, the Christmas Cactus being one of them. Families with low immune systems or sick children often find it beneficial to keep an air purifying houseplant in their home. The Christmas Cactus is a great option for air purification, especially in the winter because of its winter blooms and Christmas name.

If you’re looking for a housewarming gift this season or a Christmas present for a millennial, the Christmas Cactus is the plant to give. Stop by Round Rock Garden Center to browse our selection of Christmas Cactus, along with our other holiday plants; Paper Whites, Amaryllis, Yule Tide Camellias, and Poinsettias.

The Christmas Cactus is always sure to put a smile on any houseplant lovers face. Especially during Christmas time.

We’ll see you in the garden!

Keep on Planting

Winter is approaching fast and we’re not ready to stop planting! Maybe you’re not ready to stop planting either. Round Rock Garden Center has many containers to create a beautiful container garden you can keep inside.

If you’re wishing to plant a citrus tree, annuals, or even perennials, don’t let winter hold you back. However, if you’re planning to plant anything besides annuals, make sure you plant them in a container. Keep it indoors in a window with bright indirect or direct sunlight, depending on the plant’s sun requirements.

When picking out your container, make sure it has the proper drainage. If plants sit in a container without drainage, they’ll die from overwatering. Pick a container that you can move easily. Some days during the Texas winter you’ll be able to place your container garden outside. When it freezes during the nights, you’ll want to take it inside and out of the cold.

Pick a durable pot. A lot of pots that look natural are very porous and won’t withstand the test of time. Pick a non-porous container; glazed pottery is slightly more expensive, but it lasts much longer than terracotta.

When you water your container plants, be sure to soak them all the way through. Allow the plant to dry before watering it again.

When winter is over, around mid-March, plant your perennials in the ground. If you have a citrus tree in a container, it’s highly recommended that it never gets planted in the ground.

Ask us any winter container garden questions you may have. Our expert gardeners are always happy to help. Keep on planting!

We’ll see you in the garden,

Round Rock Garden Center

Incorporating Flowers Into Thanksgiving

Each year, Thanksgiving preparations get skipped over and people start to celebrate Christmas the first week of November. This year, take some time to celebrate all the things you’re thankful for around a table decorated with nature and flowers from your local garden center. Here are a few ways your centerpiece can go above and beyond traditional holiday decor.

Create a beautiful bouquet of fall flowers; fall aster, mums, snapdragons, Indian corn, and pansies. These cool weather loving plants look beautiful when they’re incorporated together in a centerpiece or in the garden. These plants make a perfect bouquet of you’re going for a traditional Thanksgiving decoration theme. Many love the traditional Thanksgiving decor, but other might want to communicate a modern-day Thanksgiving trend.

If you guessed succulents as the modern-day Thanksgiving centerpiece, you’re right. Cacti and other succulents look beautiful when they’re mixed and matched in a long fall themed container placed at the center of the table. Succulents and cacti come in different colors; green, deep purple, dark pink, and sometimes dusty blues. With all those colors you’re sure to catch each guest’s eye as they sit down to enjoy a delicious meal at your table. Add a few decorative candles and a holiday table runner to evoke an extra inviting warmth to the room.

Some hosts love to put on a grand Thanksgiving Day display, and there’s no better way to wow your guests than a multilevel assorted container centerpiece. Find a few different pots in your holiday theme color; terracotta, copper, white cement, and brown- and in a few different shapes; round, square, and oblong. This will add depth and dimension to your centerpiece. To take this grand centerpiece even higher, add some levels to make the table space look more full. To add a level, glue a terracotta put to an old candlestick holder and spray paint the color of your choice. If you have a larger pot that you’d like to get off the table, set it on a white or glass cake stand. There are so many plants you can put in this centerpiece; ferns, succulents, and even evergreen branches. Stop by Round Rock Garden Center to let a garden expert help you find the perfect arrangement for your Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

The next centerpiece is for craft lovers of all sorts. The succulent pumpkin centerpiece. Don’t be too quick to assume the succulent pumpkin won’t last all month long, we assure you, it will. Here’s how; After you carve out the pumpkin, cover the inside with petroleum jelly. In the bottom of the pumpkin, add a tiny pile of crushed up charcoal chunks to absorb moisture and other particles that produce rot. Fill your pumpkin with pieces of driftwood. On top of the driftwood add a piece of paper, then place a layer of dirt. Pick out all the succulents you need to fill your pumpkin and you’ll have a succulent pumpkin container garden that’ll last all month long. At the end of the month, transfer your pumpkin centerpiece plants into another container and enjoy them throughout many more seasons.

Whichever style you choose, basic, modern, grand, or crafty, Round Rock Garden Center wants to help you fill your centerpiece with the most beautiful plants. From succulents to houseplants to cacti, we’ve got you covered. When you’re finished celebrating Thanksgiving, we’ll be ready to help you find the perfect Christmas tree. Don’t forget to hashtag, #roundrockgardencenter, if you post a picture of your centerpiece. We love to see what you create!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Round Rock Garden Center

Origin of the Christmas Tree

Every Christmas, people all over America put up Christmas trees in their living room. Some choose natures tree and others prefer wacky colored artificial. The options are endless when it comes to choosing what kind of Christmas tree you want for your home, but have you ever considered why we follow this strange tradition; putting a tree in the middle of the living room?

Before the Christmas tree had religious ties, the fir tree was celebrated because it’s an evergreen tree. Most other trees would lose their leaves and go dormant in the winter, but the fir stayed beautiful year round. People believed the fir tree was magic, so they brought them into their homes to ward off witches and ghosts.

This belief spread to The Romans, Celts, Vikings, and eventually got to the Germans. The Germans are the first credited people to use the fir tree as a Christmas tree. In the 16th century, Martin Luther, (the Protestant reformer,) was walking towards his home with a fir tree. His family saw him walking home with the tree and the stars glistening through the beautiful green branches. His family loved the look so much, they decided to recreate the beauty inside their home. Many other people caught on to this tradition, lighting stacks of wood or trees with small candles.

The first man to celebrate with a Christmas tree in America was a German settler from Pennsylvania in 1830. Most Americans found the Christmas tree odd and saw the act as a pagan symbol. The issues Americans had with the Christmas tree soon disappeared in 1846, when Queen Victoria was sketched standing around a Christmas tree with her family. The American settlers loved Queen Victoria and found a fashionable trending reason to support the Christmas tree.

By the 1900’s Americans were decorating their Christmas trees with ornaments and homemade decorations; sparkling lights and dyed popcorn on a string. Americans not only accepted the Christmas tree, but they took it over the top by placing Christmas trees all around the town square and having the biggest lushest trees in their home. The Christmas tree has been an American tradition for roughly 118 years.

Although this tradition started out as pagan, so many people found a way to relate it to Christmas through its beauty that God provided to his children. Even when the British Puritans tried to stop Americans from using the tree to celebrate the sacred event, the American people had a different plan. They couldn’t be stopped when it came to celebrating their saviors birth in the most lively way.

Preparing for Christmas

Every year it seems like people prepare for Christmas earlier and earlier. Well, it’s the most wonderful time of the year and we want you to feel prepared right along with us. The garden center has started hanging lights, preparing for tree flocking, a wreath making class, and our annual open house.

With two months left before Christmas day is here, there is a long list of things you have to get done. Lighting on your house, present shopping, and finding the perfect tree for your home. This year Round Rock Garden Center is getting in the best quality Christmas trees we’ve ever received before. Don’t worry about driving a long distance to chop down the perfect tree, because we’ll have them right here in our store.

Every year we offer the option to get your tree flocked. Besides the glistening snowy look, there are plenty of reasons why flocking a Christmas tree is beneficial. Flocking creates a flame retardant tree as well as seals all the needles in- no more sweeping up pine needles off the floor. You can experience a tree flocking demo on November 17, 10 am, at Round Rock Garden Center’s Wreath Making Class. This event includes all the materials you’ll need to make a beautiful Christmas or winter wreath. Following the class is the free flocking viewing.

December 1, is the garden center’s annual Christmas Open House. We’ll have hot cocoa, apple cider, live music, girl scouts singing Christmas carols, and pictures with Santa. This event is free and open to the public, so be sure to save the date.

While we prepare the garden center for the Christmas Open House event, let us help you prepare your yard and garden for winter. Keeping grass healthy during the winter can be stressful. Round Rock Garden Center has a new trick up the sleeve thanks to MicroLife Brown Patch fertilizer. This is THE BEST winter fertilizer Round Rock Garden Center sells. It has properties to keep your grass healthy all winter long.

The next time you’re in the store and you see our employees preparing for our winter event, let it be a reminder that your yard needs some winter prep too. Talk to one of our expert gardeners to find the MicroLife Brown Patch fertilizer and other winterizing products.

Let the Winter preparation begin, for Round Rock Garden Center and YOU too; the holiday shopping, hanging of lights, and feasting of food!

We’ll see you in the garden,

Round Rock Garden Center

Decorating for Halloween

Round Rock Gardens is the spookiest garden center for households who love thrills and chills. During the month of October, we know it’s important to have the creepiest yard on the block. Round Rock Garden Center has Halloween decor for the garden and home. We even have carving, mini, and pie pumpkins for sale- so add a spooky jack-o-lantern to your porch.

Our staff’s favorite Halloween home decor items are the Dia de Los Muertos tillandsia figurines. We have couples dancing, brides and grooms, sugar skulls, and large skeleton figurines with tillandsias at the base. These make a great gift for a host or place them next to the candy bowl in the entryway.

Not all of our home decor is Dia de Los Muertos themed. We have jack-o-lantern figurines with tillandsias as the stem and some creepy hanging signs. If you’re looking for a little more “BOO,” then you should see Round Rock Garden Center’s Halloween garden decor.

Check out a few of our tea light pumpkin ceramics for your garden. We carry them in green, orange, black, and purple. We have some ghost tea light ceramics too!

We know having a spooky yard is great for Halloween, but don’t let your grass scare the neighbors. It’s important to prepare your grass for winter during the fall. Keep it healthy and green with Milorganite. Get $5 off your bag of Milorganite for being a garden rewards member. If you’re really feeling like you need to treat your lawn before winter, try Microlife Brown Patch Fertilizer- the best winterizer fertilizer around.

This Halloween, remember that Round Rock Garden Center has home and garden decor to put the chills on your neighbors. Pick up a pumpkin, grab a ghost, and take a tillandsia. From all of us at Round Rock Garden Center, Happy Halloween!

Forever Evergreen Shrubs

During the winter season plants start to go dormant and yards/gardens begin to look sparse. The evergreen shrub prevents yards from looking dead all year long, simply by doing what it was naturally created to do. There are other benefits that come along with an evergreen shrub; year-round shelter for wildlife, winter color, and year-round privacy for homes.

Birds and other small animals aren’t often seen in leafless trees. Without the shelter of leaves, their homes disappear. An evergreen tree or shrub keeps it’s leaves all year long, providing a safe and cozy shelter for the winter-loving animals. Evergreens are a great choice to increase winter wildlife and provide a safe shelter to the environment around.

Along with shelter for wildlife, an evergreen shrub comes with the added benefit of color to add to your yard. Yes, an evergreen keeps green leaves all year long, but there are many kinds of evergreen shrubs that produce winter color; the deciduous holly is a beautiful shrub that gets bright red berried clustered at the edge of its branches. No matter where you place it in the garden, it will catch everyone’s eye and beautify your winter landscape. Paperbush is another winter shrub with beautiful blossoms. In December, all the leaves fall to reveal white and yellow blossoms that will bloom until April.

Some evergreen shrubs don’t produce winter colors, but they are great for year-round privacy. Some of the best evergreen shrubs are at Round Rock Garden Center; Houston Holly, Southern Wax Myrtle, and the Cherry Laurel. This week, 10/19, they are 25% off. These shrubs provide thick coverage and screening so full privacy can be maintained all year long.

This winter, don’t be the bare yard on the block. Round Rock Garden Center is making it easy to have the most beautiful evergreen foliage in the garden. Enjoy the liveliness and color of evergreens year round. Be a habitat for winter animals and maintain home privacy. Stop by Round Rock Garden Center and let expert gardeners find the perfect evergreen for your yard.

Yard Beautification


After a long hot summer, it can be difficult to know where to start for fall. The grass is dead and the yard is barren. The best tip to remember when you’re trying to clean up this fall is, FALL IS FOR PLANTING. A little fertilizer, a few annuals, and a tree or two will bring your yard back to life.

MicroLife products are one of our most recommended products our garden center sells. They have acidifiers, hybrid, citrus, and many more fertilizers. This fall, (and winter too,) we are highly suggesting MicroLife brown patch fertilizer for your yard. “But my yard doesn’t have brown patch.” MicroLife brown patch fertilizer is the best winterizer fertilizer for your yard, even if you don’t have brown patch. It’s an all organic fertilizer loaded with supercharged biological inoculation. (Like a vaccine for your grass to build its immune system.) Spread this on your lawn this fall, it will keep it green, healthy, and ready for spring.

Another great step to ensure great growth in the spring; planting your trees in the fall. Trees have the fastest root growth when the weather isn’t too hot or cold. In Texas, that window is between mid-September to mid-November. Your trees will be rooted and ready to withstand the cold winter and will continue to root even further in the springtime. This fall, add one of our Japanese Maple trees. If you buy a five gallon, you receive 10% off blueberry blend soil and MicroLife acidifier fertilizer. When you buy  a seven gallon, receive 20% off the above products. We’re making it easy for you to have a healthy tree with this Japanese Maple planting kit.

If you’re looking to beautify your yard with some less permanent plants, we have all the fall annuals you could hope for. Fall annuals are so much more colorful than perennials and they attract pollinators to your yard. If you’re just starting a garden full of perennials, it probably doesn’t have much color yet. Annuals are the perfect addition to make your garden look lively when your perennials aren’t blooming during fall and winter.

There is no reason to worry about your garden/yard this fall. Whether it’s fertilizer, trees, or annuals, Round Rock Garden Center knows exactly how to help. Start preparing for the winter and have one of our garden experts direct you towards MicroLife brown patch fertilizer. Browse our trees and take home your favorite, but absolutely don’t forget about our colorful annual section. We have violas, snapdragons, pansies, mums, seasonal veggies, and peppers. We are here to help you beautify your yard this fall.



Time for Trees

Every year, at all times of the year, people are planting trees. However, the best time for planting trees is right now, and Round Rock Garden Center just received a shipment of the beautiful trees you’ve been waiting for.

We’ve been listening to your requests all summer long and took them into consideration when ordering our trees. We have Oshio-Beni – Bloodgood – and Crimson Queen Japanese Maples,
Autumn Blaze Red Maples, Texas Red – Post – Lacey – and Chinkapin Oaks, Chinese Pistaches, Teddy Bear Magnolias, Bald Cypress, Cedar Elms, Fuji and Granny Smith dwarf apple, June Gold and Sam Houston peach, and Pawnee Pecan trees.

We’ve got the trees, it’s time to start planting.

Fall beats the springtime when it comes to the perfect planting season. The heat of summer is behind us, and the freeze of winter is mild enough to allow the trees to grow without stunting their growth. Anytime the ground is above 40 degrees the roots will grow strong and sturdy. Ideally, everyone should be planting their trees in the next few weeks so their trees have the most amount of time to root before Round Rock’s next hot summer.

Our beautiful citrus fruit trees; lemon and lime should never be planted outside in the open. Unfortunately, the Texas-winter weather is enough to kill a citrus tree. Don’t ever let that stop you from owning our tasty citrus trees. There are many ways to keep your citrus alive outdoors. Building a greenhouse around your citrus tree to keep it warm is the first way to keep it alive in the winter. The second way; plant it in a pot and bring it inside during the winter.

Other fruit trees like our apples, peaches, and figs can be planted outdoors. They won’t need any special protection, but you’ll want to keep them potted until late winter when the tree is dormant. You never want to plant a fruit tree when it’s right in the middle of bearing its fruit.

If you’ve been considering a tree, but you can’t justify your purchase, here are some facts that will send you home with a tree. Did you know that tree’s increase your property value? Neighborhoods with mature trees sell at an average of $105,000 higher than neighborhoods that don’t. They can also save your energy bill. A house covered by a shady tree can save 20-50% on an energy bill for cooling. Your trees are actually saving you money! On a different note, trees also bring the wildlife right to your front door. The benefits of trees are endless.

If you have any more questions, stop by Round Rock Garden Center today, ask our arborist- J Thomas- anything you want to know about trees, and pick out your favorite. We have so many new selections and we can’t wait for you to find the perfect tree for your home or commercial project.

See you in the garden,
Round Rock Garden Center