Round Rock Monthly Gardening Checklist


 Monthly Garden To Do List

December To Do List

Planting– Deadhead and feed cool season color and vegetables with an organic slow-release fertilizer such as Microlife Flower and Vegetable or Ladybug Flower Power. Continue to plant cool weather color: pansies, snapdragons, and cyclamen. Lettuces, arugula and mustard greens can also still be started from seed.

Water– Maintain watering on newly planted seeds and transplants. Continue to deep water trees and shrubs. A well hydrated plant holds up to frosts and freezes better than a drought stressed plant.

Pests– Bring in containerized tropicals:  Plumerias, crotons, dracaenas, etc. Check undersides of leaves and new growth for insects and treat accordingly.

Lawns– Mow fallen leaves with a mulching mower. When lawn can’t take more leaves, add to flower beds. When beds are full of mulched leaves, add to the compost bin.

Poinsettias– Water well until soil is saturated and allow to dry between waterings. Apply water to soil and not the foliage or blooms. Keep away from drafts.

Birds– Don’t forget to keep seed feeders full and fresh water in bird baths. Put out suet cakes — the extra protein helps keep our feathered friends warm in the winter months.

Freezes– Have frost cloth on hand to cover tender plants in case of freezing weather. Wrap plants completely down to ground level. The less drafts that move under the frost cloth, the better.

Soil– Work compost into the top couple inches of your garden beds. Use cover crops such as peas, oats, or rye to keep the soil active. These cover crops can be cut and worked into the soil before spring planting.