Soils, Mulch & Compost



Bagged Soils, Compost and Mulch

What’s the difference?

A quick guide to soils, compost & mulches. The terms can get a bit confusing, so here is a simple reference guide.

  • Soils are the foundation in the garden, the base if you will. It is comprised primarily of sand, silt and clay particles as well as various trace minerals. There are many types of soil blends that are created for different applications. Garden mix soil makes a great base for raised beds. Potting soil is usually a soilless sterile mixture of raw materials (coir, peat, vermiculite, perlite, etc. ) used for starting seeds, and container plantings. A good potting soil should be porous for root aeration and drainage while retaining water and nutrients.
  • Compost is decomposed organic matter (leaves, small tree limbs, food waste, manure) which when added to the soil improves it’s fertility and supports benefical microbes, insects, fungi and bacteria in the soil.
  • Mulch is similar to compost, but usually just contains decomposed tree and shrub material. It is placed on top of the soil to keep moisture in, weeds from growing and roots cool. It breaks down over time and feeds the soil too.

We have a great selection of assorted soils, composts, mulches and soil amendments. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you select the right product and determine how much you will need.


VortexPottingSoil_lgVortex Potting Soil

Made in Austin by LadyBug Natural Brand 

High performance formula consisting of a blend of five beneficial compost, mineral sand, expanded shale and perlite. We add Biozome to further increase microbial activity. The Vortex™ Potting Soil is modeled by the research done by the Soil Food Web, Inc. The Vortex™ Potting Soil can be used for all your container gardening needs.

If you should decide to start seeds, please be sure to screen the Vortex due to the expanded shale and mineral sand. You can successfully grow house plants, annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables, citrus, succulents, and cacti in this potting soil. Vortex Potting Soil is compost based and will produce a leachate of compost tea.



FarmStyleCompost_lg2Farm Style Compost

Made in Austin by LadyBug Natural Brand

For hundreds of years dairy farmers have been applying the compost from their cows back onto the farm. Our Farm Style™ Compost is straight from the dairy farm. Farm Style™ Compost contains 100% properly composted dairy manure with wood shavings to provide a fine-textured, high quality, and all-purpose compost. Our Farm Style™ Compost is full of lignins. Lignins are hard for soil microbes to break down thus making the Farm Style™ Compost last longer. The Farm Style™ Compost contains just the right beneficial microbes for topdressing lawns, preparing the vegetable garden, and planting annuals. In addition, Farm Style™ Compost is a wonderful soil conditioner for preparing perennial gardens and topdressing newly planted or established trees and shrubs. Farm Style™ Compost provides the avid gardener, farmer, landscaper and the weekend gardener with a product they can trust to improve the quality of all plants, crops and landscapes.

The very best from Moo to You!!!

Ingredients: 100% Dairy Manure from happy grass fed cows



All American Turkey Compost

From the Lady Bug Natural Brand

All American Turkey Compost™ is a classic organic gardening soil amendment. Made of 100% turkey litter that has been properly composted. Excellent for the vegetable garden to help promote healthy root systems, water retention, and more fruit production. Use on the lawn to produce that healthy green lawn you’ve been longing for too. Top dress the lawn with a ¼ to ½ inch layer of All American Turkey Compost™ twice a year. Topdressing improves the microbial count, helping to fight disease and promoting water retention. This saves you money on your water bill! Your plants and grass will appreciate what you have done for them.






Revitalizer Compost

From the Lady Bug Natural Brand

The famous blend of five beneficial composts with a trace of minerals. Made from the highest quality compost available. The blend of humus and manure composts provides a wide variety of beneficial fungal and bacterial microorganisms. Some plants prefer to be surrounded by beneficial fungal microorganisms while others do well with bacterial microorganisms. The Revitalizer™ Compost can be used for enriching and improving the texture of garden soils; loosening heavy clay and compacted soils; top dressing gardens, landscapes, and lawns; mulching around trees and shrubs; and stimulating microbial life for natural disease suppression and nutrient availability and uptake.




RoseMagic_lgRose Magic™

Made in Austin by LadyBug Natural Brand

This is a Cadillac of Soils. This is a balanced blend of five types of composts, reclaimed composted topsoil, decomposed granite, Glittering Greensand™ and expanded shale. The Rose Magic™ is modeled by the research done by the Soil Food Web, Inc. We then asked a group of Rosarians to put our blend to the test. This group included amateurs, award-winning and professional Rosarians. They successfully grew a vast variety of roses. The Rosarians are enthusiastic about Glittering Greensand™ and expanded shale. Glittering Greensand™ adds beneficial iron and potassium which helps to grow strong roots. The Expanded Shale was included in a study by Dr. Steven George of Texas A&M. The study showed plants are able to grow deeper and stronger roots when expanded shale is added to a heavy soil. The expanded shale is now recommended for use when planting Earthkind Roses.

You can plant directly into the Rose Magic™ or use it as an amendment. Rose Magic™ may also be used as a planting medium for large containers.


TheGerminatorThe Germinator™
Seed Starter Mix

Made in Austin by LadyBug Natural Brand

Save money by growing from seed! The Germinator Seed Starter Mix has been formulated to help you succeed when growing plants from seeds. Our Pachamama Earth Worm Castings are what make the difference; they are rich in nutrients and beneficial micro-organisms. You may use The Germinator Seed Starter Mix to start vegetables, herbs, flowers and ornamental.