Round Rock Monthly Gardening Checklist


 Monthly Garden To Do List

January To Do List

Plant Vegetables from transplants like broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, collards, and lettuce.

Plant Seeds for lettuce, radish, and carrots. Begin seeding spring tomatoes inside.

Plant Rosebushes in prepared soil where they receive 6-8 full hours of sun every day. Prune rosebushes in February.

Plant Fruiting Plants such as blueberries and black berries; it is a good time to get them established.

Focus on cool season color such as pansies and violas, snapdragons, and dianthus.  

Plant Spring flowering trees and shrubs such as redbuds, fringe trees, Mexican plums, azaleas and spirea.  Now is a great time to plant.

Fertilize established trees and shrubs, except Azaleas and camellias with a good all-around organic fertilizer like LadyBug or Microlife

Pests– Loopers and Aphids are on the prowl.  Keep a close eye on plants and catch them early. Treat with the least toxic method possible.  Find and squish loopers or treat with organic BT. Spray away aphids with a strong stream of water or treat with insecticidal soap.

Lawns– Best way to control early spring weeds:  dig them by hand. Easiest way: MOW THEM. They will die out when it gets warm.  We do not recommend “weed & feed” products. Keep fallen leaves raked up so lawn grasses can receive adequate sunlight.  Stockpile leaves for mulch or add to compost bins throughout spring and summer.

Pruning – Crepe Myrtles need no pruning.  If you must, you may shape gently now, but don’t commit Crepe Murder.  Wait to prune spring flowering trees such as deciduous magnolias, Mexican plums, and redbuds until after they bloom.

Freezes– Keep an eye on the weather and stay informed on night time lows.  Have frost cloth on hand for light frosts. Water plants thoroughly before a freeze to protect roots.  If the temperature drops below 32 double wrap tender plants to ensure proper insulation. Avoid using plastic against foliage, but it can be used as the second exterior layer when covering plants. Remove plastic during the day.   

TIP: Heavy duty clothespins or spare bricks can be used to secure and weigh down cloths.