All About Ladybugs

Are you treating her with respect, caring for her properly, and appreciating all she does for you? How is your relationship with the ladybugs in your garden? Ladybugs can improve, and even protect your garden by consuming pests, allowing you to go organic, and harvesting more of your crop.

Protect your plants! Ladybugs consume aphids, spider mites, mealybugs, and eat eggs too. Before the pests even hatch, ladybugs are hard at work ensuring that your garden becomes pest free! You can buy your ladybugs at any stage of their life, even larva will eat pests. Over one ladybugs lifetime, it will eat thousands of aphids.

Getting rid of pests means getting rid of the chemicals you’ve been using to repel them. ladybugs are a great way to turn your garden organic. Buying them is the easy part, if you can keep them there, you’ll be on your way to an organic pest free garden. Here are some tips for keeping your ladybugs around.

• Place a little saucer with a small amount of water underneath your plants.
• Plant some flowers that ladybugs love; chives, cilantro, dill- or if you prefer flowering plants, cosmos, butterfly weed, and marigolds.
• Release your ladybugs in the evening onto plants with pests.

The ladybugs need food, and if you get rid of all the aphids, you lose your ladybug protectors. Keeping the pests around is just as important as keeping the ladybugs around. Here’s the trick; place decoy plants in your garden. They’ll attract pests, keep the real plants safe, and keep the ladybugs in your garden. Some good decoy options are Cabbage, Radish, and Marigolds.

If you decide to try ladybugs, remember not to use insecticides. Any chemical that is used on pests, will also kill your ladybugs. If you’re looking for a fun way to give your little ladies shelter, give them a ladybug house. Let ladybugs do what they were made to do, and watch them protect and improve your garden. Stop by Round Rock Garden Center today and pick up your container of ladybugs. See you in the garden!